Mixing it in the Kitchen
July 13, 2012

I’ve been wondering lately how many people are like me and still  trying to figure out what they want to do ‘when I grow up’ – (yes at 41 I still don’t feel like I’m grown up!  Scary thought isn’t it.)  Truth is at the best of times I have a short attention span with most things. I’m one of those people who dives head long into things finds out everything I can about it – I mean, I devour knowledge, I should have been a professional university student really.  The upside to this habit is I am damn good at trivia – seriously you want me on your trivia night team.  The downside is that once I’ve learned what I can and it’s exhausted my interest I’m on to the next thing, not exactly a good quality when it comes to a ‘career.’  Sure I’ve got lots of things that I’m good at but that doesn’t mean I want to do them day in and day out.

I’ve been doing tons of reading about finding your dream job/career and the gurus out there all recommend to start where you are – what are you doing now that you love.  Hmm let me see well – I’m a mum and at the moment I’m doing a lot of laundry, picking up toys and wiping bottoms.  As much as I love my kids and wouldn’t change being at home with them – doing laundry and wiping bottoms is definitely not my passion.  So digging a bit deeper might be needed.  If I’m really honest with myself and look back over my life there are a few things I’ve done pretty consistently and that I love to do even after all these years.

1) Cooking – baking to be more precise! Experimenting in the kitchen is fun to me – however cooking dinner every night is not fun – yeah I know, I’m weird but I love cooking new things and playing with recipes to see if I can make them better.  Cooking for the family tribe because I have to, doesn’t equate to fun most days.  Hence why having a business revolving around quick, easy, delicious meals was a good fit!

2) Helping others succeed.  When I write that down it seems a bit cheezy – but it really is something that makes me feel good and I like doing it.  Doesn’t matter if it’s my kids, my husband or family or friends, can even be a total stranger – if I’ve helped someone reach their goal, even if it’s in the smallest way it makes my heart sing. Often I do this by sharing all the seemingly random things I’ve learned over the years about business, parenting, cooking or whatever!  Again having a business where I can help others build up their own biz is right up my alley!

3) Technology – I am a technology geek.  I am unabashedly proud of it too!  I love a good ‘toy’, I love that I can talk to people all over the world through my computer. I love that I have a world of knowledge at the tips of my fingers and I REALLY love that I can work from home through technology and be with my kids at the same time.

So those are my top 3 ‘passions’ – my next step is embracing these things and turning them into my ‘dream’ business – because here is the thing – one of my biggest passions is running my own business, being my own boss and turning  ideas into successes.  Yes I am an entrepreneur at heart – heaven help me I come from a long line of them!  This is probably a good thing too especially when I like being at home with my kids – don’t get me wrong there are definitely plenty of times I wish I could go to work and mix with other adults and well let’s face it just have a break from the kiddos.  But to have to go to work everyday, nah not for me!  That’s where having a work from home business is perfect for me because I still get to mix with adults and be there for my kids – to me it’s the best of both worlds!

Now it’s all well and good me prattling on about what I’m thinking about, but what I’ve found is bouncing ideas off others works much better than going around in circles in your own head so what I’d love to know is what you do you think?  Are you still a work in progress? Do you want to own and run your own business or do you already do that? What are your passions? Have you turned them into your career or business?  I’d love to hear your stories and dreams too.  Please leave a comment below or on my Facebook page I’d love to learn from you Big Smile

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