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I am very excited that you have made the decision to learn about Isagenix and experience what these cleansing and nutritional products can do for you. For years I have battled poor body image and extra weight.  Through years of trial and error I discovered which foods were my sticking points and were contributing to my weight issues.  However just eliminating those things from my diet wasn’t giving me the results I was looking for.  Then a friend introduced me to Isagenix and all that changed!

Armed with a mind full of positive and supportive beliefs, these products have taken my health and well being to the next level. I have started releasing those extra kilos and inflamation I had been holding onto. My energy levels have gone through the roof (which is amazing when you are chasing after 4 kids!). People started to comment on how good my hair and skin looked, my nails started to grow. I started sleeping better and I had incredible focus and clarity. The brain fog I would sometimes get vanished.

Before Isagenix came into my life and body, I knew that I was overweight but still thought I was fairly healthy. I quickly realized I didn’t know what healthy was until I started cleansing. These products have changed my life and they can do the same for you.


Great question. Our body accumulates impurities from virtually everything around us. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, almost everything in our home contains chemicals and toxins including cosmetics, candles, hair dyes and many cleaning products. Whenever the body absorbs too many impurities, its ability to eliminate them suffers. In defense, our body produces fat cells to store the toxins.

The toxins and extra fat cells makes your body less efficient. Your metabolism slows down resulting in extra kilos and centimetres. You may feel sluggish, have difficulty concentrating and even illness may result.

We wash our bodies daily. We brush our teeth, wash our hair and clean our clothes, homes and cars. We clean everything outside of ourselves and rarely consider cleansing our insides.

When you begin nutritional cleansing using the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System you help to unlock your body’s true potential, allowing it to heal itself and be the miracle machine it was intended to be.

Isagenix will help you achieve a healthier and leaner body. You will lose pounds and inches safely and naturally through cleansing and replenishing your body with high quality nutrients. Many people notice change in as little as nine days and greater benefits in 30 days. There is system for everyone and every need. Anyone can use Isagenix including children and athletes.

  • Lose Weight And Feel Great
  • Drop Centimetres And Release Bloat
  • Create Abundant Energy
  • Burn Fat And Build Muscle
  • Eliminate Cravings To Sugar, Alcohol And Caffeine
  • Feel Satiated And Energised While Cleansing
  • Increase Clarity and Focus
  • Beautify Your Skin
  • Feel Incredible
“I lost the sheet with my original measurements on it, so I don’t know how many inches I lost, but my stomach is almost gone! I started at 221.8 and am now down to 207.6. I also feel awesome. I have been surprised every morning when I wake up and am actually not tired after eight hours sleep. I usually don’t feel energized after only eight hours. I have also had increased mental clarity and I feel amazing after my shot of ionix supreme every morning. Healthier foods taste better now. I am eating all whole and delicious food every day, with a suitable amount of carbs, veggies, meats and fruit. I am not hungry a lot and I don’t have as many cravings for bad food as I used to. Now I’m excited about getting on this program all year! Thanks so much for helping me with this. I feel loads better about everything!”

22 year old , Waterdown, Ontario


Best selling authors John Gray creator of the VENUS AND MARS series and Jack Canfield of the CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL series have had life changing experiences with Isagenix and talk about it in their books. They are not paid for their endorsement of these products.

I urge you to click on the link below and read through the material. Take a few minutes to watch the videos you will be amazed.

Services I offer when you begin your Isagenix program (free of charge!)


As you embark on your Isagenix cleansing program I will support you and be your personal nutritional cleanse coach as a complimentary service. All you have to do is contact me to buy the products and get started. I will help you to identify weight goals, personal health issues and possible sources of toxins in order to recommend the best cleansing program for you.


Once you start on the program I will check in with you on a regular basis and be the support and encouragement you might need to stay focused and move toward achieving the results you want.


After the initial cleanse many of my clients choose to embark on a maintenance program, which includes maintaining optimal nutritional intake and learning to recognize the symptoms of toxins beginning to build up again in their system. I will guide you to make healthy decisions regarding your maintenance program.

Contact me today to get started and to talk about the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System at or go here  and start cleansing Now!

Love to hear your thoughts!

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