Mixing it in the Kitchen
April 15, 2012

Hi! I’m Tammy a Mom of 5 terrific children ranging from 17 down to 4 months. I’m married to Scott (a great guy) for 19 years. Over the years I’ve owned and operated several businesses, been a primary school teacher and even run a cafe with my gorgeous mother!

Despite having a varied work life – over the years I have always maintained a passion for natural health and wellness – I have a background with studies in Naturopathy, Massage, Herbalism and Aromatherapy – I was delighted when I discovered the concept of health coaching and undertook my certification with IIN. 

For most of my adult life I struggled with weight issues and sought out the best advice I could find from traditional doctors and nutritionists only to find that the weight continued to stick around.   It wasn’t until I decided to take matters into my own hands and experiment with removing grains and gluten from my diet (despite being told by doctors I was not gluten intolerant) almost immediately I began to release excess weight, got rid of chronic eczema and just started to feel a whole lot better!  Naturally I am passionate about raising my family in the healthiest manner that I can – which is one of the major drivers in my personal and professional life.  I am also driven by my children’s health needs – they all have food sensitivities of one description or another and my second son was diagnosed with heavy metal toxicity a few years ago (after being misdiagnosed as ADHD), which really put me on the path of sourcing the highest quality food and diet for my family.

I now use my passion for healthy living to help others pinpoint their sticking points in their health and wellness journeys so that they can live their best life!  Part of this passion is helping others access local and organic produce for themselves and their families which is why I joined forces with a local buyers group.  There is power in numbers and being a part of a buyers group or (food co-op) is not only good for your wallet and health but helps to feed your ‘Primary Foods’ as you become part of a community that is working towards the same outcomes.

Thanks for visiting my page.

x Tammy

You can read more about our local buyers group here.





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